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We’re Moving!

December 3, 2021General

Moving is never fun. The dismantling, the packing, the lifting, the unpacking, the setting up… it all seems so daunting. Sometimes it’s necessary, however, especially when you are running out of room at your old digs. That’s precisely why, this month, Canada Outdoor Kitchens Calgary is moving! Our current location is just not big enough to showcase the amazing product we offer, although our new showroom sure will be!

We are almost finished the renovations on our new space and will be moving in before the end of December. We are so excited to be able to properly showcase our pizza ovens, fire tables, grills, heaters and so much more! You’ll be able to see samples of the beautiful Dekton countertops, and we’ll be able to help you design your dream outdoor living space, creating your perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Stay tuned for updates on when we will be officially opening our new doors!