About Us

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, my interests were always that of building, designing and creating

I moved to Calgary in 1988 to continue my construction career, and in 2013 my wife Lesley and I began talking about creating a really well-built outdoor eating area. The idea, and our enthusiasm, grew as we imagined the space and the amenities we could incorporate into our backyard living space. Early on however, we realized that there were very few products and little to no resources available to fulfill our vision of a dream outdoor kitchen! Lesley was very concerned with not only functionalities, but also aesthetics – she wanted a contemporary outdoor kitchen that would look like an indoor kitchen but still have all of the exterior ratings.

It took months of research and due diligence, but we were finally able to source out what we felt were the best products. Our dream turned into a reality, and our first Canada Outdoor Kitchen was born! Along the way we began to realize that the home construction industry has a void that needs to be filled, and what an incredible business opportunity we had stumbled upon. After months of traveling throughout North America, developing relationships and signing dealer rights with the best distributors, we are ready to help make other people’s dreams into reality by designing and building truly unique, one of a kind, outdoor kitchens that are completely tailored to their lifestyles.

We are so excited about this opportunity and know that Canada Outdoor Kitchens will add a whole new wonderful dimension to people’s lives. Contact us today to hear more about turning your backyard in a culinary sanctuary!