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Pizza Anyone?

December 10, 2021General

Who doesn’t love a great pizza? The perfect crust, the tangy sauce, the gooey cheese, the endless topping possibilities… they all add up to make your mouth water. With Fontana outdoor pizza ovens, available in both wood-fired and natural gas, you can enjoy your creations in the comfort of your backyard. We may be in cooler weather right now, but spring and summer are just around the corner. Why not surprise your friends and family with an outdoor home-made pizza party? Your guests can choose their own toppings and make their own personal pies!

If you’ve never cooked in a real pizza oven before, though, there is plenty of advice on the internet. Fontana has their own list of recipes. Personally though, I also like what Crust Kingdom has to offer. They don’t just offer recipes for pizza, but for sourdough bread (YUM!), roast turkey, fish, steaks, potatoes, and so much more! Your backyard could be THE place to go next year. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our Outdoor Living Specialists and order your pizza oven. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one and will never bother with cardboard take out again!