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More Than One Side(dish) to Every Meal

November 26, 2021General

When we think of outdoor cooking, the mind automatically goes to the main protein of the meal. Steaks, chops, sausages, chicken, seafood… the possibilities are almost endless, and so are the side dishes! While potatoes, corn, mushrooms, and peppers are all delicious add-ons to your favourite meal, have you ever thought about fruit?

We recently asked for some recipes to feature on this blog, and we received a response from Shone Thistle from Calgary, Alberta. She shared the idea of grilling peach slices wrapped in prosciutto, then drizzled with a balsamic reduction. That makes us think of other sweet ideas for the outdoor kitchen. You can easily grill pears for a salad or top it with barbecued bananas cooked on your Lynx Grill. How about a dessert pizza, baked in your Fontana Forni pizza oven?

What are your favourite recipes for outdoor cooking? Share them with us and they could be featured in an upcoming blog post!