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Cooking Up Winter Dreams

November 22, 2021Events, General, Projects

Just imagine, your friends are sitting on comfortable chairs around your new Dekko fire table, sipping their favourite hot beverages. You are all laughing and sharing stories while you prepare a beautiful prime rib roast cooking on the rotisserie of your brand-new Lynx 42” grill. Fresh bread is baking in your pizza oven. Everyone has a blanket for their shoulders, and the chill of the winter day is replaced with the warm glow of the Bromic heaters you had installed last week.

Most often, we associate outdoor cooking with the long, warm, lazy days of summer, however there’s really no reason why we can’t enjoy our backyard kitchens all year long. Infrared heaters, fire tables, and a hot grill or pizza oven can quickly warm a space if properly sheltered from those cold north winds. With the delays in shipping that the world is currently experiencing, and the inevitable price increases we are likely to face in the new year, it simply makes sense to order your outdoor appliances early!

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